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Prompt early set-up...peace of mind:

Fusion Djs will arrive and set up with your chosen band, so there's no awkward eye catching disruption to the bands live set. Because we're ready to play from the band's start, we can play any chosen first dance which may not be in your band's repertoire.

Fusion Djs will be delighted to play background music through your evening interval, setting atmosphere while your guests break for refreshments.

Let us know your favourite music choices. They can be incorporated into the nights set along with requests from friends and family. With a vast music library spanning various genres and decades, we strive to create the perfect atmosphere for everyone.

As we've set up with your band, there is a smooth transition from 'live' to 'disco'. Your band will have everyone on the floor at the end of their set and we want to keep them there!


Planning a business or corporate party. Look no further than Fusion Djs.

Prompt and early set-up.

Background dinner music.

Professional equipment to suit your room and venue.

Why not give us a call for a chat and quote. Call Noel on 086 8449899 and e-mail me at



Are you planning a party or need an idea for a discobar realised. Let Fusion Djs turn your 'pub of sorts' into a welcoming pre-club cool venue. Call or e-mail me for a chat and quote. Call Noel on 086 8449899 and e-mail me at

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